Kaleidora® is a collection of innovative games that combine visual stimulation with our own Audio Illusion Technology (AIT). In the game, various objects move in space, colliding with each other and forming a brilliant kaleidoscopic display as well as musical tones as the move and collide. As you play the game, you will hear a random sequence of musical tones, and the AIT processing helps your brain continuously assemble them into what seem like musical phrases and melodies. The experience is very much unlike listening to recorded music or watching TV. It is this active involvement of the brain in processing audio information that develops the power of concentration and promotes Yogic Tranquility of the mind. In addition it is also considered a good exercise for the right part of your brain.

Kaleidora Lite, Full & Deluxe

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Kaleidora is the first product in our collection. You have the traditional mirrors and the reflections of a Kaleidoscope. The Lite Version starts you out with a basic collection of presets. Or, get the expanded Full Version or the Deluxe Version. Begin training your mind and attain Yogic Tranquility! (Is your mind worth $0.99?)

Kaleidora X

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In the X version of Kaleidora, we have eliminated the mirrors so that there is more of the play area where the stones collide. Actually, one of the inventors wanted to call this version a CollidoScope! We have heard that some music teachers are using this to generate musical phrases to teach improvisation to students. We have also heard that this teaching method works very well in Indian raga teaching - you can program the sounds to play within a given raga (sort of a musical scale) and hear the effect of the raga as the stones dance in the playing field. The X version has the same musical engine as the classic version and has the same benefits of Yogic Tranquility.

Kaleidora Q

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The Q version takes out the collision, and puts you in charge of both the music and the visual display. Just touch the screen and draw shapes to see instantaneous display of visually simulating patterns and peaceful music orchestrated in real time in synchronization with the dancing patterns. The Q musical engine is much more advanced - it uses artificial intelligence to coordinate the dance with the rhythm! The effect on your right brain is also a little bit enhanced since it is now absorbing a more detailed and faster-changing visual pattern and audio pattern with the advanced AIT.

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Demo soundtrack Play/stop Kaleidora Deluxe Sound Semo (Flash & JavaScript support required) Download Kaleidora Deluxe Sound Demo in MP3
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Demo soundtrack Play/stop Kaleidora X Sound Semo (Flash & JavaScript support required) Download Kaleidora X Sound Demo in MP3

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